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Kitchen Remodeling Checklist

If you are considering a kitchen remodeling project, you should use this checklist in your planning process…

Kitchen Remodeling Checklist


Kitchen Remodeling General Questions

  • What do you like about your current kitchen?
  • What do you dislike about your current kitchen?
  • Does the kitchen work with the adjacent rooms?
  • Is your style contemporary, formal, traditional, country, or other?
  • What kind of cabinets do you prefer…wood finished, paint finished, or other?

 How Do You Use Your Kitchen?

  • What types of activities do you do in the kitchen?
  • Will your family dine in the kitchen, in a formal dining area, or both?
  • How many people will eat in the kitchen?
  • Do you want your kitchen area to be open or closed to adjacent rooms?
  • Do you entertain?  If so, how?

Cooking Areas

  • Who is the main cook in the family?
  • How many people usually prepare meals?
  • Where do you want the appliances and staging areas?
  • How do you want the kitchen to flow?
  • Do you want appliances on counters or put away?


  • Do you have a lot of back stock?
  • Do you have a lot of storage items, such as Tupperware?
  • Do you want to showcase any kitchenware or serving items in glass or cabinets?
  • Do you plan on moving items into the kitchen, such as sliver and china?
  • Do you need to child proof?


  • Is there ambient lighting?
  • Do you need spot lighting for certain areas of the kitchen?

Other Considerations

  • Do you intent to upgrade your appliances?
  • What type of countertops do you want?
  • Do you have enough electrical outlets?
  • Are the windows in the correct locations?
  • Is there good access to the backyard or utility room?

Alex Boutacoff Construction has been remodeling kitchens, bathrooms and more in Ashland, Medford, and throughout southern Oregon for over 30 years.  If you are looking to turn your existing home into your dream home, contact Alex Boutacoff Construction today!

Best Remodeling ROI

Who Else Wants Remodeling Projects with the Highest ROI?


Due to the recession  many homeowners are staying in their homes and remodeling while they wait out the storm. The goal of each project is that the investment will yield a high return , with 80% being ideal) when you sell your home.

You should not expect to recover 100% of your investment right away. Generally you can recover 80% to 90% within the first two years.  If you select the right projects, you can make money on the improvement the longer you stay in the home.  By being in the home longer, you give the real estate market time to improve and you leverage the remodeling investment as property values grow.

The Top 7 ROI Remodeling Projects

  1. The Kitchen – 85%*
  2. The Bathroom – 80%*
  3. Decks – 80%*
  4. Siding – 80%*
  5. Windows – 70%*
  6. Two-story addition – 83%**
  7. Attic bedroom renovation – 80%**



Remember, just because we're in a recession, it doesn't mean life is over…it means we have to make smatter choices. 

Make a smart choice, and hire Alex Boutacoff Construction for your Ashland remodeling project or Medford remodeling project today!


Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Tips


Your bathroom is one of the hardest working rooms in your home.  The sink, shower, and toilet are use by numerous people throughout the day.  After a few years of use and abuse, it starts to look worn out and dirty. 

When you are tired of looking at your old bathroom, consider a bathroom remodeling project. 

7 Tips on Bathroom Remodeling

  1. Budget – Make sure to create a budget first before you start shopping.
  2. Refinishing – Consider refinishing a sink or bathtub instead of replacing.  It is a green solution that can save you money.
  3. Plumbing – If you move your plumbing, it will cost you.  Consider leaving plumbing fixtures as a way to save money.
  4. DIY – You should certainly clear out the space you are going to remodel, but doing it yourself may cost you more than you realize.
  5. Hardware – Changing out the hardware can be one of the least expensive, effective ways to reinvent your space.
  6. Lighting – Updating the lighting can make a huge impact on your bathroom.
  7. Ventilation – Make sure you have a good fan for exhausting the steam created in a bathroom.  It makes a big difference.

When you are looking to reinvent your bathroom, call Alex Boutacoff Construction for a remodeling a bathroom in Ashland, Medford, or throughout southern Oregon.




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