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Handyman Insight

Hiring A Handyman For Small Jobs Is Fantastic!

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You may not need a plumber for that kitchen faucet drip. Electrical outet bit too loose? Skip the electrician. For small jobs in your home, consider a handyman.

A Handyman is a perfect option for homeowners who need work done on a variety of small projects.  Contractors, like plumbers and electricians, tend to take on larger jobs that often require a license or special certification. This type of work may take several weeks to finish, whereas typical hanyman project can take a few hours to a day.

Working next to handyman is also a good strategy for budding do-it-yourselfers. If a particular home improvement project gets you stumped, a handyman's broad array of skills can get you back on track. Plus, enlisting the services of handyman will speed up the entire process.

Handyman hiring insight

  • Ask if the handyman charges a flat or hourly rate for the job. Are travel costs included in the charge?
  • Get a sense of the handyman's reputation by calling references.
  • Make sure he or she is qualified. Some states require licensing for handymen, others do not. Check your state's licensing board website to learn more.
  • When you've made the hire, save time and money by doing as much prep work for the job as you can. Having a sink fixed? Make sure the cabinet underneath is clear beforethe handyman arrives.

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