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Residential Construction Insights

Residential Construction Market Insights

If you are considering a residential construction job in the near future, it is wise to understand what is going on in the market. 

Here are some charts showing the price indexes for construction materials:

residential construction 1

residential construction 2

residential construction 3

residential construction 4


What does all of this mean for your next residential construction job?

Though supply (housing starts) is down, inflation is causing material costs to go up.  In 3 of the 4 indexes above, prices are increasing. 

Our experience is consistent with this indexes.  In addition, the lumber index is misleading.  Though prices have softened with demand, quality has also decreased, so the effective lumber cost has increased.

Residential Construction Bottom Line

If someone quotes you a rock bottom deal…be careful.  It is not unusual for us to get calls to clean-up the mess created by these "deals."  The problems include shoddy workmanship and poor material selection.  In a few instances the previous contractors have mysteriously disappeared after getting the down payment on the job.


For an honest, transparent, and ethical approach to your Ashland residential construction or Medford residential construction job, contact Alex Boutacoff Construction today! 


Handyman Insight

Hiring A Handyman For Small Jobs Is Fantastic!

handyman medford

You may not need a plumber for that kitchen faucet drip. Electrical outet bit too loose? Skip the electrician. For small jobs in your home, consider a handyman.

A Handyman is a perfect option for homeowners who need work done on a variety of small projects.  Contractors, like plumbers and electricians, tend to take on larger jobs that often require a license or special certification. This type of work may take several weeks to finish, whereas typical hanyman project can take a few hours to a day.

Working next to handyman is also a good strategy for budding do-it-yourselfers. If a particular home improvement project gets you stumped, a handyman's broad array of skills can get you back on track. Plus, enlisting the services of handyman will speed up the entire process.

Handyman hiring insight

  • Ask if the handyman charges a flat or hourly rate for the job. Are travel costs included in the charge?
  • Get a sense of the handyman's reputation by calling references.
  • Make sure he or she is qualified. Some states require licensing for handymen, others do not. Check your state's licensing board website to learn more.
  • When you've made the hire, save time and money by doing as much prep work for the job as you can. Having a sink fixed? Make sure the cabinet underneath is clear beforethe handyman arrives.

When you need a Medford handyman or Ashland handyman, contact Alex Boutacoff Construction to get a free estimate!


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